Players will immerse themselves in the role of a fish, embarking on an adventurous journey across a sprawling ocean map. The core gameplay revolves around hunting and defeating opponents to accumulate points and grow stronger. Players can navigate their fish freely across the map using intuitive movement controls on the keyboard or phone screen, strategically searching for bait and challenging opponents. The dynamic environment encourages exploration and tactical thinking, making each encounter exciting and rewarding

The primary objective of Fishwar is to become the most powerful fish and dominate the entire ocean. Each time a player defeats an opponent, they earn points and gain the opportunity to upgrade and evolve their fish. With each new evolution level, the fish acquires special skills and increased strength, enabling it to become a formidable force in battles. This progression system helps players’ fish grow stronger and become unrivaled champions of the ocean

Invite your friends to join the adventure! Every time they earn $FISH and $TON, you’ll receive 10% of the $FISH and $TON they earn. Start building your community and reap the rewards together!


Players automatically collect $FISH as they explore and progress through the game


Players can create rooms to participate in tournaments, competing for prizes of $FISH and $TON

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